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CATCA recognizes that convention is situated on Treaty 7, South of Red Deer River the traditional territory of the Blackfoot, Tsuu T’ina and Stoney Nakoda peoples, and that the North of Red Deer River Treaty 6, traditional Métis, Cree and Saulteaux territory. We honour the First Peoples who have lived here since time immemorial, and we give thanks for the land.

Most pre-recorded videos and Zoom LIVE recordings will be found right here on SCHED until April 30th. Keynotes are an exception.

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Thursday, February 24

8:30am MST

9:00am MST

Grade 1 Collaboration Zoom 61Cheryl Pridell Supporting students in the target language when teaching content Zoom 28Tanja Burns Accessibility teacher toolkit Zoom 24Samantha Fecich Bird Sculpture For The Young Artists Pre-RecordedIzabella Orzelski Catching Our Kids Pre-RecordedPatti Liogier Getting set up for success - Context, content and feedback Pre-RecordedMegan Sénéchal Grade 6-9 Math Collaboration Zoom 61Chris Rand Comprehensive Sexual Health Education: What is it? And how do I teach it? Zoom 40Amber Heyd • Jocelyn Graham • Nicole Inglis The Life Framework Zoom 26Stacey MacNeil International Teaching Pre-RecordedDania Hill Virtual Magic: How to Engage Students Online Pre-RecordedMarty Chan Pre K Collaboration Zoom 61Sheveryn Deschambault Food Explorers: Sparking curiosity with nutrition education Zoom 32Mary Block How do I teach my students to revise and edit? Pre-RecordedKaren Filewych Writing 101 Zoom 34Robin Pawlak How to Feel Happier, No Matter What’s Happening Zoom 35Christina Marlett Wahkohtowin: Cree Natural Law Zoom 30Phillip Campiou Your Pension Matters-THIS SESSION WILL NOT BE RECORDED. Zoom 38Linda Lau • Marc Bisson Prayer as a Personal Relationship with Jesus Pre-RecordedKathleen Nguyen Staying Sane! Principles for Survival in the Classroom Zoom 41Danny Bateman The Trauma Informed Teacher: Learning How a Child's Trauma Can Impact the Classroom (Part1) Zoom 37Ingrid Rust Danci(NG) with Elements! Wolves Pre-RecordedMichael Ng Money Matters for Youth (MMY) - Financial Literacy Pre-RecordedPaul Bohnert Creating an ELA Holocaust Thematic Unit Zoom 33Lindsay Kate Anderson Creating A Technology Infused Classroom Zoom ATA PD WorkshopSally Rudakoff Addressing Secondary Eco-Anxiety Through Solutions-Focused Challenges Zoom 36Sidney Howlett • Andreana Salouk Healthy Grief Conversations that Heal Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute Develop – and Trust! – Your intuition Pre-RecordedTina Thrussell Stressing Wisely: A Radical Shift in How We Show Up and Excel in All Areas of Our Lives Zoom Webinar 5000Dr Robyn Hanley-Dafoe The Gift of Failure Zoom Webinar 1000-5Jessica Lahey Rising Strong™ After Setbacks Zoom 44Kimberly Knull Sharpie Alphabet Lettering Pre-RecordedSally Towers-Sybblis The Hunger Games: That Kid’s Just Looking for Attention… Zoom 46Ariel Haubrich Learning With Hope Zoom 42Lenora LeMay The Trauma-Informed Classroom Zoom 43Angela Hill Cercle de percussion et activites musicales (aucune expérence nécessaire) Zoom 45Louise Raymond Positive And Negative Space Drawing/Collage Pre-RecordedIzabella Orzelski Lord, Teach Us To Pray Pre-RecordedDavid Bouchard Show & Tell: Creating Access Through Semiotic Artifacts Pre-RecordedLiz Harrison

9:50am MST

10:15am MST

Handwriting Tips and Tricks TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Katie Christensen A Whole New World:Emotional Support for the Middle School Students TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Andrea Battle Engagement made easy Zoom 47Samantha Fecich Launching Writing Workbooks at the Beginning of the Year TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8 Top 5 Shortcuts to Skyrocket Alphabet Success TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8 Making the Most of Music and Movement TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Alexia Pendleton Management Made Easy and Effective TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Julie Salcido Novel Studies in Upper Elementary TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Jill Shafer Read Aloud Comprehension Strategies TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Jamie White Supporting Your English Language Learners in Reading and Writing TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Shannon Cunningham-Lanning Using Technology to SWRL into Learning TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Esther Park Adding Movement to Math TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Emily Yerty Be the Yellow: 6 Steps to a Kinder World TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8 Black and Brown Excellence- Teaching People's Stories with Hands-On Activities TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Jemelleh Coes Building and Maintaining Relationships with Families TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Diane Romo Creating Effective Learning Environments as a Leader TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Tosha Wright EngagED TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8 Executive Functioning Stategies for Students with Learning Disabilities TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Charell Coleman Implementing TikTok in the Classroom TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Rebecca Rogers Infusing Pop Culture and Sports into Math TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8J.R. Rivera Integrating SEL into Everyday Classroom Practices TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Barry White • Jr Interactive Designs in Google Slides TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Katie Wonderly Leading with Light TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Kisha Mitchell Lights, Camera, Teach! TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Kevin Butler Lunch Bunch Book Club TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Jennifer Baker Making the Most of Anchor Charts TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8 Refuse to be a Boring Teacher: Add Humor and Fun into Your Classroom TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8KC Mack Say What? Behavior as Communication TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Rebekah Poe Squeeze Fine Motor in Every Day TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Katie Mense Student Teach Your Heart Out with EduMagic TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Dr. Samantha Fecich Top 10 Websites for Your Teacher Toolbox in 2021-2022 TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8 Using Children's Books to Teach and Support SEL TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Lauren Larson We Can't Make This Stuff Up TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Briana Rauls Welcome to Your New Classroom TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8Ashlyn Elsworth Avoiding Teacher Burnout TYHO Summer Day 1 Thursday July 8

10:45am MST

Grade 3 Collaboration Zoom 61Sherisse Gervais Modelmania: ten-frames, number lines, arrays, and more Zoom 24Roni Kraut Fully Alive Implementation Supports Zoom 26Stacey MacNeil Grade 6-9 Social Studies Collaboration Zoom 61Stephen Merredew Magnetic Manipulatives: 3D Printed Whiteboard Tools for Teaching High School Science Pre-RecordedReuben Mahaffy Magnetic Manipulatives: 3D Printed Whiteboard Tools for Teaching High School Science Pre-RecordedReuben Mahaffy • Brad Langdale E-Exchanges: Choose Your Own Teaching or Leadership Adventure! Pre-RecordedCarolyn Freed Sick Leave-THIS IS NOT RECORDED Zoom 5Michelle Glavine Using the Instructional Sequence of “Explore before Explain” in Science to help students make meaning Pre-RecordedNicole Lamoureux Make Your Own Tipi Pre-RecordedPhillip Campiou How to Get Your Students Writing Zoom 38Robin Pawlak Overcoming Anxiety Through Art: Mandala Pre-RecordedBogdan Konikowski The Art of Writing: Exploring Word-and-Image Pairings in Contemporary Literature Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute Fuel Your Work Day! Zoom 32Shelley Cooper • Johanna Louw Creating Next Level Art Exhibitions Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute Math Games by Design -- Div II Pre-RecordedGael James Weaving Indigenous Foundational Knowledges Throughout Curriculum and Pedagogy Zoom 35Darcy Courtland • Dr. Sharla Peltier Preparing Students for Their Future Energy Careers Zoom 37Sidney Howlett Teaching and Learning with Minecraft Education Edition Zoom 39Dexter Pizzey Bring Agriculture to Life in the Classroom! Zoom 28Luree Williamson Maki(Ng) Science Wizardry Magic! Pre-RecordedMichael Ng Mixed Media Visual Journals: Project Ideas, Media and Techniques Part 2:Transfer Techniques Pre-RecordedMichael Shain Stop Vaping Before it Starts: What Teachers Need to Know Zoom 34Martin McSween • Rita Aman Teaching Any Subject Through the Movies Pre-RecordedMario Trono Waves of Innovation Impacting Education Pre-RecordedPaul Bohnert Let's Talk About Identity, Power and Privilege Zoom ATA PD WorkshopAnna-Liza Ponce COVID-19's "Parallel Pandemic;" The Mental Health Impact Pre-RecordedWade Sorochan Exceed Expectation With What We Learned During the COVID Spring Pre-RecordedPaul Bohnert Black Lives in Alberta: Over a Century of Racial Injustice Continues Zoom 29Deborah Dobbins Holocaust Studies; A New LDC- one year in Zoom 27Lindsay Kate Anderson Brain-Friendly Bliss: 
Four Steps to Manage Stress in a Busy, Distracted World Zoom 36Barb Earle Trauma Informed Teaching: Addressing the Impacts of Trauma in our Classrooms. Zoom 40Justin Lessard • he/him The Success-Energy Reset: How to Regain Focus and Recharge Your Life in a Post-Pandemic World Zoom Webinar 1000-5Michelle Cedeberg Documentary Filmmaking: Step by Step through the 48 Hour Film Challenge Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute Improving the look and feel of your Moodle Site or Google Classroom Pre-RecordedColin Byers “Hopes and Dreams – Stories from Young Refugees” - Video and Discussion Zoom 48Pamela Dos Ramos • Augustine Lucano Teaching Sexual Health...The Good, The Bad, and the Downright Awkward! Zoom 49Kim Chapman (she/her) • Debra Wells ULTIMATE FRISBEE IN A DAY Pre-RecordedPaul Brant Marlett Build Your Healthy School Puzzle with the NEW Canadian Healthy School Standards Pre-RecordedEver Active Schools It Starts With You And It Starts Now-THIS WILL NOT BE RECORDED. Zoom 33Susan Agrios How to Be More Successful (Hint: It’s the Opposite of Doing More) Zoom 41Christina Marlett Smudging Circle Zoom 30Phillip Campiou

11:35am MST

12:00pm MST

Creating a Calming and Peaceful Pre-K Classroom TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Katie Christiansen Everyday Engagement for All Learners TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Julie Salcido Folk Songs and Beyond TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Katie Wonderly Math Magic: 5 Tip to Accelerate Math Learning TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9 The New Normal: Emotional Support in the Classroom TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Andrea Battle Too Many Letters, Too Many Phonics Rules, Too Many Sight Words…Too Little Time TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Katie Garner We're Engaged! Tools and Ways to Keep Your Class Lit! TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Charell Coleman 5K's for Connecting Students with Content TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9J.R. Rivera Brain Friendly Instruction and Learning Space Design TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Yanina Jimenez Building Educational Neighborhoods TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Ynetia Avant • Heather Eskridge Classroom Design- Setting Up for Success TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Emily Yerty Classroom Management for Little Learners TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9 Cultural Belonging- Staying the Course TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Kisha Mitchell Designing Your Own Google Earth Field Trip Ed-Venture TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9 Easy Do-It-Yourself Name Activities TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Jamie White Everyday Math engagement TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9 Getting Gritty with Growth Mondset TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Taylor Wallace • Morgan Mercado How School Libraries Impact School Culture TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Jennifer Baker Its OK to Let Them See You Smile TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Gaspare Randazzo Life Skills in Upper Elementary TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Jill Shafer Math Vocabulary TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9marcy Bernethy Me, Myself and I: emotions and Self Awareness for Young Learners TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Ashlyn Elsworth Pave the Way for Scientific Literacy TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Katie Mense Put Out the Fire - Effective Steps to De-Escalate a student in Crisis TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Rebekah Poe Reaching Learners form Diverse Backgrounds TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Barry White • Jr Say it Loud (or not): Tools for Facilitating Difficult discussions in the Classroom 2.0 TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Jemelleh Coes Setting the Stage with STEM TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Stephanie Stewart Social Studies: You've Got Time for That! TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9 Student Teach with EdTeach TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Dr. Samantha Fecich Teach, Play, Learn TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9 Tech Tips & Teacher Life Hacks TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Emily Karst The Power of Numberless Word Problems TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9marcy Bernethy Using Games to Improve Executive Function TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9Lauren Larson The Organized SPED Teacher TYHO Summer Day 2 Friday July 9

12:30pm MST

The Science of Creating Effective Learning Materials with Dual Coding Pre-RecordedDaniel Maas Stressed Out? Take a Nature Break! Pre-RecordedSusanne Heaton Explore Energy Resources with Future Energy Systems Zoom 24Valerie Miller Grade 5 Collaboration Zoom 61Jennifer Lacourse Beyond a Single Story: Exploring Intersectionality in Communities Around the World Zoom 28Bill Howe The Importance of Storytelling for Science Education: Weird, Funny, Useful. Pre-RecordedReuben Mahaffy The Importance of Storytelling for Science Education: Weird, Funny, Useful. Pre-RecordedReuben Mahaffy Kindergarten Collaboration Zoom 61Sheveryn Deschambault Inspiring Your Inclusive Classroom Pre-RecordedAnne-Marie Dolinar Simple Practices for a Joyful Retirement Zoom 26Danny Bateman Storytelling, Food and Culture Zoom 46Donna Ross J’ai le goût de livre! / Hooked On Books! Zoom 36Léo-James Lévesque Content-Area Writing: Writing to Learn, Learning to Write Zoom 37Robin Pawlak Leading for Equity in an Inclusive Classroom Pre-RecordedLana Nogue Let's Double Down on Quality Health and Physical Education Pre-RecordedEver Active Schools Transforming Classrooms - Gaining skills to be effective in the K-12 class and beyond. Zoom 35Kelly Maxwell • Susan Makinuk Boost your Productivity & Life Satisfaction with the Sunday Review Zoom 40Christina Marlett Handle with Care: A go-to guide for self care Zoom 34Ariel Haubrich Leading through Resilience: Supporting Vulnerable Youth within their Educational Journey Pre-RecordedWillem Fraser Looking Ahead to New Adventures Zoom 47Amanda Shaw • Jennifer Hope • Lorna Mcilroy Winter is a Time for Stories Zoom 30Phillip Campiou Building Three-Dimensional Digital Assessment Pre-RecordedBecky Noelle Using EdTech to enhance your teaching of Contemporary Issues Pre-RecordedSherri Ross Mixed Media Visual Journals: Project Ideas, Media and Techniques Part 3:Resolving Your Work Pre-RecordedMichael Shain Writing that Stirs the Heart Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute STREAMi(NG) DIY Science Stuff! Pre-RecordedMichael Ng A Protocol for Schools to address Suicidal Ideation amongst Students Zoom 38Chris Pawluk • Karina Nottveit • Emily Matejko Explosions and Fire: Get your kids excited for Science! Zoom 41Jason Zackowski Instructional Leadership to Optimize Student Learning and Staff Development Zoom ATA PD WorkshopDerek Hatch How to Make a Hero - Heroes Programs Zoom 33Jordan Remple The Christ Event and the Religions of the World: A Catholic Perspective of World Religions and the Classroom Zoom 32Dr. Gerard Mclarney Understanding Anti-Racism and Racism: An Introduction Zoom 48Pamela Dos Ramos Canadian North: Ted Harrison Exciting Art Project Pre-RecordedBogdan Konikowski No Touch Games and Dances Pre-RecordedJoyce Holoboff Permeating Laudato Si: Cultivating a Green Catholic School from the Inside Out Pre-RecordedKathleen Nguyen • Nicole Lamoureux ASEBP Benefit Overview Presentation Zoom 42Louise Niles Cultivating a Healthy Classroom Climate Zoom Webinar 1000-6Jennifer Gonzalez Don’t Worry beHAPPY Pre-RecordedSusan Agrios Mindfulness for Health, Peace and Ease (even in your classroom!) Pre-RecordedTina Thrussell Crayola Collage Cards Pre-RecordedSally Towers-Sybblis Dare to Lead™ in the Classroom Zoom 43Kimberly Knull Drum Circle Music Activity (no musical experience required) Zoom 44Louise Raymond

1:20pm MST

1:45pm MST

Equity and Inclusion in the Digital Classroom Pre-RecordedGarfield Gini-Newman MAGNETIC LETTER AND NUMBER ACTIVITIES Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions CREATE INTERACTIVE LEARNING WITH CHOICE BOARDS Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions Creating an environment for cultural belonging in classrooms and schools Summer TYHO Tuesday SessionsKista Mitchell Creating Google Slides Activities Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions Diversity and Inclusion with an EYE on LGBTQ+ Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions Extending the reach of Our Content Summer TYHO Tuesday SessionsJ.R. Rivera FUN MATH GAMES WITH A DECK OF CARDS Summer TYHO Tuesday SessionsAngie Olsen GETTING THE MOST OUT OF MENTORING: MENTORING NEW TEACHERS Summer TYHO Tuesday SessionsCasey Bethel HOW TO RECHARGE YOUR TEACHER BATTERY Summer TYHO Tuesday SessionsJ.R. Rivera INTEGRATING MATH THROUGOUT YOUR DAY Summer TYHO Tuesday SessionsJill Shafer MINDFUL CLASSROOM DÉCOR WITH A PURPOSE Summer TYHO Tuesday SessionsAshlyn Ellsworth PRE-RECORDING LESSON CONTENT Summer TYHO Tuesday SessionsBarry White Jr. PROJECT BASED LEARNING AT HOME AND FROM AFAR Summer TYHO Tuesday SessionsTal Thomspon SPECIAL EDUCATION: PITFALLS TO PREVENT AND PRACTICES TO PERFECT Summer TYHO Tuesday SessionsJemelleh Coes STOP, COLLABORATE AND LISTEN: TIPS ON BUILDING A CULTURE OF COLLABORATION AMONG TEACHERS AND PARENTS Summer TYHO Tuesday SessionsTosha Wright TECH SKILLS FOR STUDENTS- HOW TO TAKE STUDENTS FROM DIGITAL CONTENT CONSUMERS TO CONTENT CREATORS Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions TECHNOLOGY THAT CAN FLEX IN A VIRTUAL OR PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Nearpod and Flocabulary Summer TYHO Tuesday SessionsNearPod Representative THE MAGIC OF MUSIC Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions THE POWER OF A READING IDENTITY Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions USING PODCASTS FOR ELA STANDARDS Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions VIRTUAL CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions WHAT’S INSIDE A READING RESPONSE NOTEBOOK Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions GOING PAPERLESS WITH STEM Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions FILLING YOUR CUP: HOW TO CARE FOR YOURSELF, WHILE ALSO CARING FOR YOUR STUDENTS Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions REIMAGINING EDUCATION: TEACHERS AS LEARNERS AND STUDENTS AS LEADERS Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions THE MAGIC OF THE APP Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions TIPS AND TRICKS FOR MAKING THE BEST ONLINE READ ALOUDS Summer TYHO Tuesday Sessions

2:15pm MST

Look Forward to Retirement! Zoom 30Rhonda Hunter Grade 6-9 French Collaboration Zoom 61Marie-Astrid Detharet Outreach Collaboration Zoom 61Bobbie-Jo Douglas Who Are Our ELLs? Pre-RecordedEmily Young • Ashley Noris • Tony Jia Dealing with Grief, Naturally Pre-RecordedSusanne Heaton Sacred Scripture and Storytelling Pre-RecordedKathleen Nguyen Relax, renew and refocus. All you have to do is lie there. Pre-RecordedSusan Agrios President Schilling: Unplugged-THIS WILL NOT BE RECORDED Zoom 5Jason Schilling Indigenous Education Resources—Where Do I Start? Zoom ATA PD WorkshopSheila Williams From Consumption to Creation: using iOS devices to change student learning Zoom 32Rachael Stone Moving beyond realism- Acrylic landscapes Pre-RecordedChristina Dixon Number Talks: Developing Mental math and Computational Fluency With Ease Pre-RecordedNicole Lamoureux Energize your Classroom (indoors and outside) with Ever Active Schools Pre-RecordedEver Active Schools Healthy School Makerspace Zoom 46Matthew Mitschke • Christine Vokins • Melaney Sexsmith • Melanie Vance • Theresa McIsaac Leading Collaboration Within Schools: Lessons from the World of Improv Zoom 40Derrique DeGagne School and Author-Artist Collaborations in the Time of COVID Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute What Could Go Wrong? The Simple Question Your Students Can Build a Story Around Zoom 37Robin Pawlak Beyond the Sash: Advancing Métis Education for All Learners Zoom 47Lisa Cruickshank How to Get More Energy (without caffeine!) Zoom 35Christina Marlett Living the Warrior's Code Zoom 24Scott McDermott Musical Fun with Plates, Scarves and More! Pre-RecordedJoyce Holoboff Enseignement explicite de la lecture au primaire / Explicite Teaching of Reading in the Elementary Classroom Zoom 36Léo-James Lévesque The WHY and HOW of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for Youth Zoom 41Noëlla Piquette • Noella Piquette Take the project AGRICULTURE Challenge Pre-RecordedPatricia Ramsay EdTech as an Instructional Strategy: Designing Learning Activities to Meet Student Needs Pre-RecordedSherri Ross Alberta and the global energy transition Zoom 26Markham Hislop Photography as a Tool for Developing Observational Skills and Self-Awareness Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute Sparking Energy Education in Your Classroom! Zoom 33Natalie Graveline • Mila Mezei We all have a unique story: Explore Genealogy and Family History with your Students! Zoom 38Angela Boyes Practical Strategies for Struggling Students Zoom 29Danny Bateman Remembrance, War and Conflict Pre-RecordedMichelle Holdway CBT Techniques for the School Helper Zoom 45Skylar Malito Imagining the Dragon: Unlocking Archetypal Themes in Popular Music and the Bible Zoom 27Dr. Gerard Mclarney The BEST version of YOU. Zoom 49Andrea Mishio Overcoming Innumeracy: How Do We Talk About Mathematics? Pre-RecordedJennifer Ferguson Students with Scars: Understanding Self Injury Zoom 42Ariel Haubrich Engaging Science Activities for Any Class!!! Zoom 34Jason Zackowski Teaching Students to Write Cool Characters, Superheroes, and Themselves Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute Creating Calm in your Classroom with Sound Pre-RecordedTina Thrussell The Symbiotic Curriculum Zoom Webinar 1000-6Jennifer Gonzalez Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is the New World Zoom Webinar 1000-5Aaron Paquette

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