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CATCA recognizes that convention is situated on Treaty 7, South of Red Deer River the traditional territory of the Blackfoot, Tsuu T’ina and Stoney Nakoda peoples, and that the North of Red Deer River Treaty 6, traditional Métis, Cree and Saulteaux territory. We honour the First Peoples who have lived here since time immemorial, and we give thanks for the land.

Most pre-recorded videos and Zoom LIVE recordings will be found right here on SCHED until April 30th. Keynotes are an exception.

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Friday, February 25

8:30am MST

9:00am MST

5 Minute Field Trips! Learning to Lead, facilitate and debrief mini adventures and games with your students. Pre-RecordedCourt Rustemeyer Learn Like a PIRATE: Empowering your students to collaborate, lead and succeed! Zoom 45Paul Solarz FIELD Kits - Woodland Wonders Zoom 26Kenzie Field K-12 Physical Education Collaboration Zoom 61Chris Rand Birth Control and STI Update Zoom 24Jocelyn Graham • Nicole Inglis High School Social Studies Collaboration Zoom 61Michael Doll Tips from a Calm and Centred Teacher - Finding freedom in the Chaos of Education Zoom 41Paul Brant Marlett Grade 6-12 CTS/CTF Collaboration Zoom 61Teri Zimmerman Counting Time-THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE RECORDED Zoom 5Michelle Glavine Creative Writer’s Block Pre-RecordedDarren Michalczuk Cross-curricular Opportunities for Language Arts and Science Pre-RecordedKaren Filewych Rising Writers: A Creative Writing Starter Kit Pre-RecordedMiranda Krogstad Formative Assessment Techniques Zoom 49Tyler Buchan Assessment Strategies that Transfer to New Curriculum Pre-RecordedKimberly Waugh-Motoska • Michele Jones No Needles Required: Acupressure for Stress Relief Zoom 33Cher Brasok Trauma in children and youth with classroom solutions. Zoom 46Mia Klassen • Margaret Wright Building Relationships to Motivate, Engage and Encourage Students Zoom ATA PD WorkshopJennifer Smith Creating a Sustainable Future Together: Engaging Elementary Students in Climate Solutions Zoom 39Melanie Hoffman Teaching Computer Science in Elementary Zoom 38David Hay Alberta Landscape In 1 Point Perspective Zoom 47Izabella Orzelski Fun With Palette Knife Zoom 32Bogdan Konikowski Hogwarts Your Classroom: Gamification! Zoom 40Jason Zackowski Outstandi(Ng) Science Gone Wild! Pre-RecordedMichael Ng Teaching Religion in Technicolor Zoom 30Michael Landry Confessions of a First-Year Onine Teacher Zoom 37Leon Lau Rock Band Class? Pop music education for the 21st century learner Pre-RecordedSheldon Arvay One Teacher Away : How one educator changed my life Zoom 50Sam Demma Wear Your Weird Zoom 29Alicia McMane How would Sherlock hire? Zoom 35Nelson Scott Next Level Art: Meaning & Mental Health through Hands-On Creativity Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute Teachers These Days Pre-RecordedLaurie McIntosh The Effectiveness (& Joy!) of Movement Pre-RecordedTina Thrussell Stress, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll: Managing Stress & the Work-Life Balance Zoom 28Ariel Haubrich Working with Vulnerable Children, Struggling Families, and Child Family Services Zoom 36Aynsley Graham • Amanda Hawkins 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusive Education Zoom 44Alexandra Marshall Crayola Marker Villages Pre-RecordedSally Towers-Sybblis The Trauma Informed Teacher: Tools and Strategies for Success (Part 2) Zoom 42Ingrid Rust Math Games by Design -- Div I Pre-RecordedGael James Bird Sculpture For The Young Artists Pre-RecordedIzabella Orzelski Creating in the Music Room Pre-RecordedJoyce Holoboff Mixed Media Visual Journals: Project Ideas, Media and Techniques Part 1:Building Grounds & Layering Techniques Pre-RecordedMichael Shain How to Build School-Wide Social Emotional: An Unfolding Ethnography & Framework Pre-RecordedLiz Harrison

9:50am MST

10:15am MST

10:45am MST

Maker Technology in Your ATA Library Pre-RecordedSandra Anderson FIELD Kits - Life Cycles Zoom 26Kenzie Field Antarctic Adventures Pre-RecordedKathy Beamer Growth Mindset: What is it and how do we implement it in our classrooms? Zoom 45Paul Solarz FNMI Collaboration Zoom 61Leslie Ennis ATA Services for School Leaders      Zoom 5Ian Stewardson • Chris Gonsalvez Indigenous Matriarchy—Balance Through Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Zoom ATA PD WorkshopSusan Sinclair, Discovering oil pastels Pre-RecordedChristina Dixon Understanding the Progression of Learning Fractions Zoom 38Chris Zarski All the School’s a Stage Pre-RecordedJacqueline Russell Crowdsourcing Staff Recognition Zoom 47Nelson Scott Building Resilience with Self-Compassion Pre-RecordedTina Thrussell Productivity and Organization Working at Home, School, and Everywhere In Between Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute The Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre and Child Abuse Zoom 35Lee Caine • Dean Pasiuk The Stress of Change Zoom 46Cher Brasok Making of a Math Genius Pre-RecordedDarren Michalczuk I’m an Amazing Music Teacher, But I’m Tired and Lonely - Help! Zoom 39Daryl Weisenburger Having Fun With Oil and Chalk Pastels: A Pumpkin Patch Drawing Zoom 27Izabella Orzelski De-Mystifying Note Taking, Study Notes, and the Art of Rapid Planning and Thinking - One System to rule them all Zoom 41Paul Brant Marlett Fabulous Abstract Paintings Zoom 32Bogdan Konikowski Finding Indigenous Ancestors through public records Pre-RecordedAngela Boyes Youth Culture and Religion Zoom 30Michael Landry Performance Assessment in the Science Classroom Zoom 34Tyler Buchan Supporting Our ELLs in Mainstream Classrooms Pre-RecordedEmily Young • Tony Jia • Ashley Norris Estudio…starting intermediate guitar students on the classical guitar Pre-RecordedSheldon Arvay Environmental Sustainability & Stewardship Pre-RecordedPaul Bohnert Introduction to EcoSchools Canada in Alberta Zoom 40Melanie Hoffman Turning Dots Into A Painting Pre-RecordedBogdan Konikowski Using EdTech to Increase Capacity to Support Social and Emotional Learning Pre-RecordedAmi Shah Why Kindness? Pre-RecordedLaurie McIntosh Fuel your Body to Teach Zoom 24Carman Murray Who Is Represented in Our Musical Spaces?-CANCELLED Zoom 37Kimberly Friesen Wiens From Skid Row to CEO Keynote Zoom Webinar 1000-5Joe Roberts

11:35am MST

12:00pm MST

Go Digital with Writing TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8Ashlyn Ellsworth Guided Reading: Distance Learning Style TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8 Meaningful Morning Meetings in Upper Grade: Developing Community and Learning in Upper Elementary TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8Jill Shafer Creating a Strong Math Environment TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8Stephanie Osmundson • Loreal Hemenway Creating Engaging Group Lessons for Self Contained Special Education Classrooms TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8Fiona Gonzalez Creating Google Slides Activities for the Classroom TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8 Deconstructing the Standard for Student Accessibility TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8Kenna Funderburk Global Collaborative Projects to Connect Your Kids to the World TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8 Discover the Secret to Bring Caregivers Into Your Math Lesson TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8 Makerspace without the Space TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8 We Have No STEAM Teacher But My Students Need STEAM. TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8 A Pragmatic Approach for Collaborating with Para Educators TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8Erin Costillo Creating a Positive School to Home Connection with Parents and Family TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8 Creating Positive School Climates in an Anti-Racist World TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8Tosha Wright Don't Shush Me TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8 Examining Bias and How it Affects Student Learning TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8Kisha Mitchell Gamification in the Classroom for English Language Learners TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8 Your Story: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Teaching Box TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8Vanessa Taborda-Cronin 5 Easy Tips to Make Distance Learning Manageable TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8 Classkick: Game-Changing App for All TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8 Increase Your Productivity Using Technology Time Savers TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8 Keeping Kids Engaged at a Distance TYHO Winter Friday Day 1 Jan 8

12:30pm MST

How Can I Help You?: Examining the Impact of Teacher Roles on Student Wellbeing Pre-RecordedMegan McElhinney • Brian Allan Elementary Math and Science with Robotics and Electronics Pre-RecordedDavid Hay Creating Student-Centered Classrooms that prepare students for THEIR world Zoom 46Paul Solarz Putting Fun Back in French Using Super Heroes, a Zombie Apocalypse and Crime Scene Investigation: Exploring Task-Based Resources for the FSL Classroom Zoom 49Greg Ogilvie • Becky Carscadden • Aurora Gray K-12 Fine Arts/Drama Collaboration Zoom 61Cheryl Lehto High School English Collaboration Zoom 61Sherri Jansen Tipi Teachings and Balanced Living Pre-RecordedPhillip Campiou School Leaders - Investigate or Not? When, Why and How?            Zoom 5Ian Stewardson THE SHIFT: From Bullying & Stress To Bringing KINDness & Calm Into Your Life & Classroom-THIS WILL NOT BE RECORDED. Zoom 35Susan Agrios Using the Multiple Learning Styles vs. One-Size-Fits-All Teaching Pre-RecordedMaria (MD) Millar Practical Trauma Informed Strategies for Educators Zoom 37Kristy Brosz • Phil Herman Rethinking Challenging Kids - An Introduction to Collaborative Problem Solving® Zoom 30Matt Sticks Teacher Burnout & Resiliency Pre-RecordedVanessa Colombina Up to Snow Good! Games and Activities for all seasons with your students leading the way. Zoom 48Court Rustemeyer Essential skills for teaching PE - Simple things that make a HUGE difference in your teaching Zoom 41Paul Brant Marlett Brain Codes: Vocabulary and Spelling with Symbology Pre-RecordedDarren Michalczuk Enseignement de l’écriture de textes courants en Immersion/ Teaching Nonfiction Writing in Immersion Zoom 24Léo-James Lévesque Les Perspectives Francophones en Alberta Zoom 47Simon Pagé Developing Our Shared Mission and Vision Zoom ATA PD WorkshopIan Tisdale Innovative Assessment in Middle School Pre-RecordedPaul Bohnert "Money , Money, Money" ... beyond ABBA! Zoom 34Chris Zarski Life’s Biggest Questions Zoom 29Dr. Gerard Mclarney Maki(Ng) Science Big (fun)! Pre-RecordedMichael Ng The What, How, and Why Behind Creating Authentic Assessments Zoom 26Michele Jones Teaching the 4 R’s in Indigenous Education; Honoring the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action. Zoom 27Donna Ross Beginner Guitar Pedagogy How to Start Young Players Correctly Pre-RecordedSheldon Arvay Carbon Capture and Our Energy Transition Zoom 42Ten Peaks Innovation Alliance • Candice Paton, M.Sc., P.Eng. • Dr. Maryam MKhani • Kruti Mukesh • Leah Botolin From Anxiety to Empowerment: Engaging Secondary Students in Climate Solutions Zoom 40Melanie Hoffman Beautiful Textural Floral Painting in Acrylics Zoom 32Bogdan Konikowski Cross-Curricular Five Senses Drawing Pre-RecordedBogdan Konikowski Great Minds Think Alike – or Do They?! Zoom 38Maria (MD) Millar Kids and Grief: Let’s Talk About Death Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute Unlucky When Hiring? Zoom 36Nelson Scott ‘Listening, Laughing and Leading’ Zoom 39Douglas Mitchell KENZY MATH: The fastest way to learn ADDITION Pre-RecordedDarren Michalczuk Cultivating Deep Focus in a World of Distraction Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute Mindfulness 101 Zoom 33Cher Brasok Self-Care for Sanity Pre-RecordedTina Thrussell Creative Mandalas For Relaxation and Stress Relief Pre-RecordedSally Towers-Sybblis Taking Action on the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Calls to Justice. Zoom 44Hanan Attitalla • Elana Beaver Health Equals Wealth Zoom 45Mike Pickles Demystifying Childhood Sexuality Zoom 43Aynsley Graham An Apple a Day: How technology and the internet affect our health and wellness Zoom 28Ariel Haubrich

1:20pm MST

1:45pm MST

Cross-Curricular Connections: Teaching More than Music TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Katie Wonderly How to Use writing Trays in the Classroom TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Phonics Made Easy-Going Beyond a Letter a Week TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Sight Words Go Digital TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Reaching the High School Students that are "Too Cool for school" or "Too Bored to do Anything" TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Vanessa Taborda-Cronin Creating Digital Choice Boards TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Creating Video Content and Classroom Set Up at Home TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Stephanie Osmundson • Loreal Hemenway Practical Student Engagement Strategies for Your Upper Grade Reading Block TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Jill Shafer Classroom Creativity TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Pushing Books Out to Students Using Epic! TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Simple STEM at Home TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Navigating a Kindergarten Hybrid Classroom TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Cross-Curricular Connections: Teaching More Than Music TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Katie Wonderly Active Learning: Get the Up and Moving With and Without Tech TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Build School Community by Lifting Every Voice TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Kisha Mitchell Checking for Understanding with Math Exit Tickets TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Angie Olson Culture Before Content TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Julie Salcido Guided Math 101 TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 New Teachers on the Block TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Remote Learning Lesson Ideas for Self-Contained Special Education Classrooms TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Fiona Gonzalez Spreading the Gift of Being Contagious. Its's a Good Thing! TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Tal Thompson Student-led Conferences: Putting the Focus Back on families TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 The Constructivist Science Classroom TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Tal Thompson The Reset Room TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Melissa Royalty Tips and Tricks to Incorporating SEL into your Classrooms TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Lauren Larson Twist It with an Interest TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Julie Salcido Using Retrieval Practice to Unlock Higher Level Learning TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Angie Olson What Your Principal wans to See During and Observation TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9Melissa Royalty Cultivating Leaders of a Strong Classroom Community TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Let's Get Interactive! with Nearpod TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 Organize Your Digital Life TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9 What Every Teacher Ought to Know About Mental Health in the Classroom TYHO Winter Saturday Day 2 Jan 9

2:15pm MST

Elementary Coding in Minecraft Education Edition Pre-RecordedDavid Hay Once Upon a Story Pre-RecordedMarty Chan High School Science Collaboration Zoom 61Michelle Wotherspoon The Story within a Game Pre-RecordedCourt Rustemeyer How To Engage Students Through Classroom Design – Presented by CDI Spaces Zoom 35Craig Ward Canva for Education: Tips, tricks, and teacher hacks Zoom 48Olivia Murray Grow into STEM activities with Micro:bits Pre-RecordedDaniel Maas Oil Pastels Landscapes Pre-RecordedChristina Dixon Financial Wellness 101 with Capital Planning Zoom 37Rick Harcourt • Elizabeth Walton Honoring the Logan Boulet Legacy: Creating a Culture of Organ Donation Zoom 42Jan Clemis • Jenny Wichart • Bernadine Boulet • Dr. Meagan Mahoney • Jenny Ryan Powerful Portraits for Self-Reflection, Innovative thinking, and Empathy Building Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute The “Silent” Bully: The Power of Words vs. Non-Verbal Communication in the Workplace Zoom 38Maria (MD) Millar How to Overcome Procrastination Zoom 25Christina Marlett Jeux pour apprendre en français / Games To Learn In French Zoom 24Léo-James Lévesque My Retiree Plan Presentation Zoom 33Louise Niles The 25% Rule of Assessment Zoom 50Michele Jones 97 Staff Recognition Tips in Just 75 Minutes Zoom 26Nelson Scott KENZY MATH: The Fastest Way To Learn The Times Tables Pre-RecordedDarren Michalczuk Using Cultural Stories and Gamification to Improve Emotional Engagement Pre-RecordedMeghan Gardner Using Cultural Stories and Gamification to Improve Emotional Engagement Pre-RecordedMeghan Gardner Creativity—Our Next Generation Depends On It! Zoom ATA PD WorkshopKendra Silk Word Power: Helping Children Understand Words Pre-RecordedDarren Michalczuk Carrying the burden of trauma in school Zoom 29Noëlla Piquette • Noella Piquette Why Breathing Makes Sense Zoom 30Cher Brasok Creative Writing to Cope with Stress and Build Resiliency Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute Exotic Sunset Seascape In Watercolours Zoom 32Bogdan Konikowski The Francophone Perspectives in Alberta Zoom 47Simon Pagé Canada’s Food Guide in Action! An Overview of Brand New Programs for Junior High Foods & Health Zoom 39Mary Block Maki(Ng) Green Science Fun, Safe and Not Safe! Pre-RecordedMichael Ng Pun-ny for Your Thoughts: The Art of Word Play Pre-RecordedMiranda Krogstad THINKING THROUGH MATH! How to activate Tacit knowledge through developing a questioning construct in your students. Zoom 41Paul Brant Marlett A Flat Earth, Dinosaurs, and the Divine: Can Religion and Science get along? Zoom 40Dr. Gerard Mclarney Forced to Flee: A virtual simulation for your class Zoom 49Roberta Gramlich Aristotle, Happiness and Teaching Zoom 36Tyler Buchan CHANGE: How To Cope And Adapt To Changing Times-THIS WILL NOT BE RECORDED. Zoom 46Susan Agrios I Like Good Books And I Cannot Lie Pre-RecordedLaurie McIntosh Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Literacy Zoom 34Donna Ross Joy is a Choice: Embracing and Embodying a Joyful Lifestyle Pre-RecordedAlexis Marie Chute Balancing Life with Humour Zoom 27Kate Davis

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